For the Student

Placed in a class group, with italian teacher in presence or remotely or self-tought with virtual teacher

  • The course is geared at beginner students of Language and Culture of ALL ages with the goal of satisfying communication objectives and providing grammatical focus.
  • It also provides an accompaniment in the discovery of Italian Culture: both contemporary daily life and in the Italian historical patrimony of art, literature, music, and cinema throughout the ages:
    – Italian Art
    – Cinema
    – Poetry of 1900’s
    – UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy
    – Customs and traditions
  • The course includes 104 videos made with students from the University of Milan.
  • The videos present real communicative situationsof everyday life an Italian environment and depict an up close view Italian life and culture.
  • Videos can be downloaded to be viewed several times, even without an online connection.
  • The texts of the videos constitute a reference base for readings and activities and can be downloadedand provides while completing exercises, and can be read at will.
  • The course presents basic communication functionswith the required vocabulary and grammar: singular and plural nouns and adjectives, gender, definite and indefinite articles, prepositions, regular and irregular verbs in the present , past, imperfect and future tenses.
  • Every lesson includes assessments that facilitate comprehension, writing and speaking.
  • Includes contextual dictionary.
  • Allows work recovery, continuation, correction and completion.
  • At the end of each section the student carries out a language production activity, *LAVORO PERSONALE, an exam, *ESAME and a game, *GIOCO QUIZIT.
  • Student can print all the exercises by pressing *ATTIVITÀ.
  • The technologyfurther provides: 
    *REC – option to record one’s voice and save a file, check the work and obtain a grade. 
    *TUTORIAL – detailed instructions for the lesson. 
    *FAQ – resolution of issues that may arise.

For the Teacher

Instructors adopting the course have access to the following:

  • Ability to view and print the program in its entirety, including teacher instructions and grammar explanations for each lesson.
  • Utilization of the entirety of the Course.
  • Activating an instructor reserved area.
  • Printing student register.
  • Sending communications on study plan specifying assignment due dates and times allotted; with individual or group notes.
  • Obtain overall view of student work completed with date, completion time and percentage of correct responses.
  • Checking assignments completed with correct and incorrect responses.
  • Viewing the *LAVORO PERSONALE activities and listening to the students’ possible interpretation of the material and evaluating *LAVORO PERSONALE assignment completed by students.
  • A wealth of abridged texts that highlight all aspects of Italian culture.
  • Take a look at the exam proposed to the student at the end of each section.