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The main objectives are related to communication; in fact, the lessons are arranged to offer every type of contact and every possible relationship between people, thereby strengthening communication skills.
Yes. The course also aims to offer basic knowledge of all the different aspects of Italian culture through the Library available to the students. The files can also be printed so they can be read offline.
Various types of articles and topics are proposed. More specifically: Italian art Italian cinema 20th century poetry Italian UNESCO sites Habits, customs and traditions: an overview of the Italian regions
The Course is for students aged 13/14 to…. 100! Anyone can benefit from this course and use it according to their possibilities, available time, and prior knowledge.
This depends on how quickly they learn and ease of use. This is the ideal course for students who want to understand quickly and speak just as quickly!

The Course is divided into four sections:
1. Beginner level
2. Beginner/Intermediate level
3. Intermediate/Advanced level
4. Advanced level.
They can be purchased separately, but there is a significant discount if they are purchased together.

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Yes. All work completed online is saved to the memory. When you return to the lesson, it will resume where you left off.

You can print the TUTORIAL – which provides complete instructions, and have it readily available. Otherwise, TUTORIAL instructions can be read online.


Yes. You can retry till you achieve mastery.

Yes. You can record and save the files, and listen to them as needed.

No, it is also functional on Tablets.

The platform provides all results, as well as percentage of correct answers.

Yes. You will encounter activities with no solutions. These activities require personal answers and solutions, which cannot be provided by the program.

Yes, you can download where indicated by the download symbol.

For best results, a minimum of one hour per lesson is required, which should include repetition of exercises, listening to texts, re-watching video. Clearly the more you practice, the greater the probability of having learned something well.

Yes, there is a lot of support along the way: first of all the translation of the assignments in your language, to help you understand how to do the activities when you are just starting out.

Yes. The platform provides a CONTACT form for questions or issues arising on the technical usage of the Course. A response is provided within a 24 hour turn-around time.

Yes, your instructor can follow all your work and view your Items.

Yes. The Project lets you work entirely on your own and you can manage your work based on your personal rhythm and available time.


No, the Course is for beginners, and aimed at helping students master basic Language skills necessary for communication.

It is recommended you complete all lessons despite previously acquired knowledge.

The Course provides a foundation for communication. It enables the student to talk about himself, ask information about everyday life, and to learn fundamental traits of the Italian Culture as compared to his/her own.

The course assigns students the levels A1 – A2; B1 – B2 according to the Common European Frameork of Reference.