Cloud-computing technology in Vmware/Veem environment with technical assistance and hardware / Infrastructure system with continuity of service and backup.
Websites on dedicated servers on the Internet farm Internet Service Provider PLAYNET S.R.L. (, Sesto Fiorentino – FI – (LIR (Local Internet Registry) at the RIPE-NCC with IPv4 and IPv6 allocated IP, AS (Autonomous System) AS-13284, Ministry of Communications – Lic./Autorizz. 07/26/2000 No. 1197, BGP-4 protocol Independent manager for routing on its peers.
HA Cluster mode server configuration (High Reliability), constantly backed up with continuity of the services provided in total safety; data in redundant, high-performance multi-tier storage, shaped around the supply of web applications. Geographical backup on a second data center in Milan.

Analysis device, “Network Intrusion Detection”, with identification of unauthorized and dangerous network access attempts; “Prevention Systems”, to prevent the execution of potentially malicious programs.
Fiber optic for connectivity from the Big Internet to the Playnet network with a minimum size equal to four times the needs, on a daily average.
Guarantee of physical and logical redundancy of the network, guarantee of non-saturation of the network and with upgrade of the individual links if not falling within the policy previously described. The total capacity 10GB / sec with the possibility of expansion for the numerous carriers already attested at the Playnet data center. The lines, connected via redundant CISCO routers with BGP4 and OSPF protocol, supplied by leading carriers on the Italian and international market, for redundant connectivity with access from anywhere in the world.

Online platform for distance learning CISCO WEBEX MEETING CENTER (, through the Cisco WebEx cloud.